Our Team

Meet the staff behind the connection.

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Paul Jaques


Paul founded We Connect Talent, formerly known as Career Search Consultants, 6 years ago, and has over 10 years of experience in the recruiting industry.  Paul works as the Director of Student & Community Engagement at Spartan Innovations, fulfilling his passion of working with the entrepreneurial community.

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Brian Town

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian is the CEO of Michigan Creative. Brian started Michigan Creative in 2011 after a long career in education as a high school film and television production teacher. During his time there, Brian created a nationally recognized film and TV production program. Now Brian manages a staff of 12 and hundreds of clients from the Mid-Michigan area and surrounding states. Michigan Creative is a creative firm that provides web development, video, branding, and social to help companies build their marketing machine. He is also the host of The Business Machine, a podcast that interviews small business owners from all over the globe. 

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Elise Bolton

Business Development Specialist

Elise is in advertising management with an interest in sales. She loves meeting new people and working in a business environment with likeminded individuals. One of her passions is entrepreneurship, and she later plans to launch her own business. When she’s not working, she enjoys doing yoga, baking, and snowboarding in her free time. Elise’s main goal at We Connect Talent is to make meaningful connections and to help her candidates find a job that is the best fit for them. 


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Layne Swenson

Director of Sales

Layne is a perpetual learner that wants to expand his knowledge base. He is always up for a conversation to spread ideas and to meet new people. When Layne is not working he is spending time living a healthy lifestyle trying to facilitate better productivity and efficiencies. He believes success is an option and you have to choose it to have it. Layne’s role at WeConnectTalent is to bring in lasting partners that we can make a difference to.


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