Paul Jaques
Chief Executive Officer

Paul founded We Connect Talent, formerly known as Career Search Consultants, 6 years ago, and has over 10 years of experience in the recruiting industry.  Paul works as the Director of Student & Community Engagement at Spartan Innovations, fulfilling his passion of working with the entrepreneurial community. He is also a partner of Pure Venture Partners and BioGreen Environmental. Paul has been awarded the 10 Over the Next 10 award for his professional achievements, community involvement, and personal success.

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Shay Manawar
Chief Growth Strategist  

Shay began his recruiting career in 2012, while pursuing his Bachelors at Michigan State University. His degree in Public Policy was focused on understanding Michigan's urban growth. Shay turned his soft skills into a passion of connecting businesses with top talent. He is also a graduate advisor of Leadership Institute at MSU and is heavily involved in Lansing's startup community. When not reviewing resume - Shay plays squash, chess and loves studying law and Orcas.

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Simon Lee
Digital Media Intern

Simon is a senior at Michigan State University and is studying Advertising. He is a passionate photographer and has been involved with several media projects on the Michigan State University campus such as Media Sandbox Challenge. Simon loves the Lansing Community and is also interning at the Art Council of Greater Lansing.


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