Your checklist before an interview!


It's a very competitive job market out there.

Keeping your act together before, during, and after your job interview could easily transform your chances from being a prospect to a short-listed candidate and finally, a NEW HIRE!     

Follow these five guidelines right before your interview and you’ll be ready to embrace your next 30 mins. 

1. Put on your detective cap: 

The most common way people learn about the company is by searching it on Google and seeing what articles pop up and going through the ‘FAQ’ and ‘About us’ sections on their official website. However, to get a leg up on your competitors, also check out the company’s press releases and annual reports, which show the current activities and other information about the company.

 2. Look sharp:

It takes an instant for a stranger to formulate a positive or negative impression of you from your appearance. The attire plays an integral part so wear your winning outfit for the job you’re applying for. Make sure to check with the HR before the interview, to get the feel of what you should ideally wear. Don’t forget to polish your shoes! 

3. Body language:                                                                                            

It’s important to know how you’re carrying yourself in an interview. The more positive you are about yourself and the interview, the more likely it will reflect on your body language. The right posture, eye contact and smile will enhance your confidence and can impress the interviewer. Remember to sit still, keep your arms and legs uncrossed and don’t fiddle.

4. Punctuality:

It’s best to reach five to ten minutes earlier than the interview time, to get the feel of the culture and surroundings. Showing up too early can make things a little awkward and too late is a red flag! It’s better to find out where the venue is before hand and stay in the vicinity before the interview time, to avoid any unlikely circumstances.

5. Keep your phone off:

It’s the most embarrassing when your phone rings or vibrates during the interview. It’s best to switch it off and treat the interviewer with respect and your undivided attention. A ringing phone is a call of rejection!