Recruiting Tidbits: LinkedIn, Small & Midsize business struggles and We Connect Talent

LinkedIn has leveled the playing field

LinkedIn is disruptive in many ways. For many, it has transformed the way we carry our professional profiles. However, for some, it has provided a platform where your talent, with a pinch of vision, could travel across continents and be noticed by those who are driving our socio-economic evolution.

In simpler terms — LinkedIn has leveled the playing field for those with limited resources and recognition to an extent.

For e.g. —  to be on this network, an employee working at a local mom-and-pop shop needs the exact tools as someone working in a Fortune 100 company, i.e. a computer or a smartphone.

Similarly, a corporate giant goes through the same basic steps as any other small and medium-sized business to set up their presence on LinkedIn, i.e. a logo and the company’s description.

Recruiting struggles for Small and Medium-sized (SMB) businesses

But there remains a huge disparity in the struggles faced by SMBs in order to grow, especially when it comes to recruiting quality talent.    

LinkedIn has helped in closing the gap, but the way our society recognizes ‘corporate brands’, has greatly influenced the manner our academic institutions breed talent. Not many enter college with a dream of working at a local / regional business upon graduation. Millennials don’t find it fancy and the majority of college programs simply know the audience well.    

 A friend of mine, Jonathon Fowler, who is a practicing attorney for startups and a recent MBA graduate, believes that the “principles [taught at universities] can be applied to any level, but the focus is usually on the big businesses”.

I find this approach as one of the biggest factors why growing SMBs struggle to attract talented candidates.

It all comes down to the business culture

Surprising to many - small and medium-sized businesses offer a lot better work environment and personal growth opportunities to those who find themselves unfit for the traditional corporate culture.  

That is why connecting these two groups is We Connect Talent’s passion and mission.

Everyday we interact with small and medium-sized businesses and their owners who are looking for candidates but are too occupied with the day-to-day operations. And - everyday we connect with prospective candidates who are currently working in big corporations but are ready to make a switch to lesser-known, yet growing companies.

Because no matter how ‘brand-conscious’ we may become, all of us eventually seek work-life balance and a more respectful culture.