Your checklist during an interview!

To ace an interview, it is highly recommended to prepare ahead of time.

Your ultimate goal is to sell yourself through your personality and accomplishments.

 Follow these five guidelines during your interview and you’ll be ready to transform your chances from being a prospect to a short-listed candidate and finally, a NEW HIRE!   

1. Attitude:

Often the first impression is an important part of a job interview. Initiating with the wrong demeanor can sabotage the process before it even starts. A recruiter is more likely to be impressed with a candidate who begins the interview with a firm handshake and warm smile than the one who fidgets in nervousness. So be confident and attentive. Show exuberance and a positive attitude to convey your interest in working with them. Give concise and honest answers!

2. Extra copies of resume:

Although the interviewers usually are prepared with their own printed version, but it is best to keep a few copies of your resume with you, in a professional-looking folder, just in case the interviewer does not have it. Besides that, keep a working pen and a notebook to take down any information during the interview, or any questions that you may want to ask the interviewer in the end.   

3. What is your ‘weakness’ question:

 Simply don’t give an answer which the interviewer is used to hearing. Avoid answers that turn out to be deal breakers for you. Be honest, but not too honest. Dig deep into yourself to find out your true weaknesses at work and how you have struggled with them, and choose the one that is suitable for the interview. 

4. Ask smart questions:

Come prepared with a few relevant questions about the position and the company. Memorize them or note them down in your notebook. In addition, don't hesitate to ask questions on the key issues that emerge during the interview.  Your questions highlight your intellectual level. ASK THEM!  


Leave with a big smile, firm handshake, and a calm attitude. Thank everyone in the room individually. Make sure to ask about the next step in the hiring process before you make your exit!