Three easy ways to learn more about mid-size employers.

“Enterprise-sized companies [big corporations] run the world, small businesses are the heart of the American economy -- where does that leave the one in the middle?

Brenna Sniderman, former Senior Director of Forbes, asked this question in her article that highlighted ‘Three Things Mid-Size Companies Do Better”.

One of the key points in her study is the approach mid-size companies use for talent acquisition, i.e. they focus on the right personality, not the right resume.

However, many ‘‘right personality’ candidates find it difficult to gather more knowledge on mid-size companies beyond the websites and recruiter pitches.

Therefore, We Connect Talent wants to share how it could be done in three easy ways!


1. Company Culture:

Know what they share!

You may or may not see mid-size companies on Glassdoor, but that doesn’t mean it is difficult to find more about them. Mid-size businesses are close-knitted teams and use social media as an effective way to promote their culture.

They usually strike a perfect balance between sharing services/products, industry knowledge and company’s work environment on Facebook or Twitter. It’s the lattermost that serves as a useful technique to attract new and passionate candidates.

So, next time, if you see any company sharing its Christmas party pictures -- remember they are wanting to be liked not just by the customers, but also future applicants.


2. Financial Health:

Know how much they generate!

Below are some common questions I come across when engaging with talented candidates.

“If they are medium-sized, does this mean they don’t generate much revenue?”  
“I am interested, but uncertain if the position offers job security, since the company isn’t publicly traded.”

In reality, mid-market companies we work with offer more job security than their bigger and well-branded cousins in the corporate world. Mainly because they don’t see their employees as expendable when the economy is bad.

Fortunately, we now have online databases such as Manta or BizDB to take a quick look at the annual revenues of  many middle-market businesses. Here at  We Connect Talent, we recommend our candidates to do homework on the company’s culture, as well as its financial health.     

3. LinkedIn Recommendations:

Know how they write it!

LinkedIn offers great value to its users. However, sometime we overlook the importance of LinkedIn recommendations, if it has nothing to do with our own personal profiles.

Recruiters read recommendations. They have a compelling reason to do so. But prospective employees should make a habit of scouting recommendations as well. They are full of hidden clues ranging from how management treats its current and former employees to how colleagues think of each other. These behaviors define the overall culture of mid-size businesses.