Five Struggles Restoration Industry Faces when Hiring New Talent!

STRUGGLE 1: Lack of Quality Resumes


We’ve all been there - whether you’re the owner, manager, or anyone in your firm that has the duty of placing a job ad for a vacant position.

Craigslist comes to mind, maybe CareerBuilder or Monster, and so forth. You pick your city; sometimes it’s free; sometimes you pay, then you write up your nicely, well-thought-out ad for your position that requires Xactimate, IICRC Certs, and so on; then BAM!! PUBLISHED!!

In come the resumes of someone who is a project manager for an IT firm that has a lot of JAVA experience, along with the person from another country and a 15 digit phone number to call, or if you’re lucky; they have Xactimate on the resume, but it’s spelled Exactimate. 

Do they really know Xactimate if they can’t even spell it correctly? So, 50 resumes later, you’ve wasted time, money, and your hopes and dreams in finding the right person for the job.

However, you somehow managed to have a few possible candidates to call. Hopefully, none of them are already working for you. 

That’s where We Connect Talent comes in. Our recruiters are fellow industry professionals who have been in the trenches extracting sewage at 3:00am and have been out in the field writing Xactimate estimates, marketing to the next big client, and taking continuing education classes to maintain their certifications. 

We’ve been through what you go through daily and with that, comes a unique understanding and ability to target the right candidates every time.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help your company in staffing the right people and receive your message in a bottle every time you send one.